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Shaun Belding has been helping organizations around the world stand out in customer service for over 25 years.   He makes sure that audiences walk away motivated, and with tangible strategies for making a difference.  His presentation for your event will be customized to the specific outcomes you are looking to achieve, and your people will remember the message for a very long time.

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Outstanding Customer Service:   One Person Makes A Difference

A powerful, poignant and often laugh-out-loud presentation that dramatically illustrates what can happen when individuals take ownership of customers’ experiences.  This keynote presentation includes Shaun’s famous story ofLuanne - the outstanding Waffle House hostess.
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An example of memorable customer service


Customer Experience Creates Real Customer Loyalty

All one has to do is look at Starbucks, BMW, Apple, Mary Kay, Budweiser - the list goes on - to know that customer loyalty isn't dead.   This is an entertaining and thought-provoking presentation that shines a light on what true loyalty is, and exactly what it takes to achieve it.
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The secret to customer loyalty


Outstanding Leadership – The Key To Outstanding Service Cultures

Outstanding service leadership creates outstanding customer service. It’s as simple as that.   This memorable presentation shows your leaders skills for achieving powerful service outcomes.   It includes a case study of how one company leveraged powerful leadership skills to achieve an almost immediate 40% increase in profitability.
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Improve customer service through leadership


The Truth About Customer Service - transcript

There is a reason that people who are truly skilled in customer service stand out so much.  That's because they have a quality that most other people don't have.  It can't be trained, and it can't be taught.  But it is something we can all have. See the link for transcript of Shaun Belding's moving, passionate plea to embrace the service attitude.
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The one thing that makes an outstanding service provider


Shaun has been at the forefront of best practices for delivering outstanding customer service, and the experiences that create customer loyalty.   In 2016 Shaun and his company released the ground-breaking research that identified the core components to creating the WOW experiences customers tell their friends about and share on social media.

A popular and entertaining keynote speaker, Shaun delivers innovative and exciting perspectives that motivate audiences. He will make you laugh. He will make you think. He will give you ideas and inspiration that will stay with you for a very long time.

"Shaun Brought My Staff Back From The Dead"

- Metro Toronto Convention Centre

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