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A Customer Service Shoutout To Vacations-To-Go


When I clicked on the “Have an agent call me” button on the Vacations to Go website, I had a momentary feeling of dread.  Yes, we had found a cruise we liked, but I wasn’t looking forward to the sales pitch.  I assumed that I was going to get what is too often the case – a stereotypical outbound call centre employee working on a script, or operating from some in-house sales training program developed in the Hard Closing ’60s.

I couldn’t have been more wrong.  And, I couldn’t have been more delighted. 

The agent I spoke with, Brione, was articulate and an outstanding listener.  Her telephone skills – all the little things that we teach in our training programs – were flawless and executed naturally.  (Right down to the “Wow, that’s a really good question” whenever I’d ask a stupid question.)  She executed the sales process beautifully and seamlessly.  Her follow-up was fast and efficient. 

I got the impression that she was far more interested in making sure that we were happy than just making a sale.  And that’s what sales is really all about, isn’t it.  When you meet the true superstars at selling, they aren’t the ones who use all the spiffy closing techniques or clever lines for overcoming objections.  They are the ones who ask the right questions, listen carefully, find out what you want, then make it really easy for you to get it.  They are the ones you like, you trust, and you believe will deliver what you need.

Kudos to Brione and  Well done!


Thumbnail image for Belding Group Customer Service Logo.pngThe Belding Group helps companies stand out by providing  World-Class customer service training, and customer experience consulting and measurement

A Customer Service Shoutout To Vacations-To-Go
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