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Bell Canada Captures The Essence Of Customer Service


Telecoms are rarely used as shining examples of customer experience.  More often than not, in fact, they are held up as shining examples of how not to treat customers, with the number of complaints rivaled only by utilities in most countries.  And while Bell Canada may not be remarkably different than the others in their day-to-day operations, over the last couple of weeks they have really done something special.

The essence of customer service – perhaps the very definition of outstanding customer service – is when a customer’s needs are treated as an absolute priority.  And it can be measured by the degree to which customers feel that they are a genuine priority – by how much they believe you truly care about them.

Over the last two weeks, Bell has been running an aggressive public service campaign to end the stigma of mental health issues.  It’s called “Let’s Talk”, and it shines a bright light on some very serious issues.  The advertising has been brilliant (Here’s an example), and they have done a masterful job of stimulating a gigantic amount of conversation.

The Let’s Talk campaign doesn’t focus on selling cell phones or internet services.  It focuses on on the needs of the community – many of whom are their customers.  The overriding message that “you’re important to us” is loud and clear.  And I believe it will be a powerful message that will resonate with consumers as their contracts with Bell and the competitive telecoms come due.

To those at Bell who made this happen – well done.  And thank you.

Shaun Belding
The Belding Group

Bell Canada Captures The Essence Of Customer Service
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