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Best Buy WOW experience in St. Catharines


Best Buy WOW Customer ServiceA couple of months ago, I bought this spiffy new Dell Computer. State-of-the-art with lots of bells and whistles.  Very exciting.

Unfortunately, it’s so state-of-the-art that many of the things that I attach to it don’t play nicely with it anymore.   Among these are most LCD projectors that I use for PowerPoint presentations.

So here I am in St. Catharines Ontario trying to figure out how I’m going to do my presentation tomorrow. I need an adaptor to get my computer to connect to the projector. I have one – but I just didn’t bring it with me.  So I call the local Best Buy, and Megan tells me that they can hook me up – no problem.


When I get there, it turns out they actually didn’t have the cable I was looking for. This wasn’t good for Best Buy. Particularly since Trevor, who had been brought in as the expert on such things, couldn’t find much better to do than chew his gum and shrug his shoulders.  Before I had a chance to kick up a fuss, however, I found myself with three employees on a mission to resolve the issue – one of them being Megan.

It wasn’t long before Megan asked what kind of computer I had. When I told her, she perked up, and said, “Well we have a cable to help with that!” marched to their display of computers and showed me what the cable looked like and where I would plug it in.

It was a great experience – and a real welcome change from the ‘nope, sorry, don’t got it, sucks to be you’ response that would happen in most stores.

Bravo to Best Buy…. And give Megan a raise!


Best Buy WOW experience in St. Catharines
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