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Customer Service at Mena House and Movenpick Cairo


A funny thing happened on my way past the pyramids… My driver accidentally dropped me off at the Mina House Hotel instead of my true destination, the Movenpick Media City. After 20 hours of solid travel, I wasn’t paying nearly close enough attention, so I went to check in.
The staff at the Mena House were amazing. Rather than the traditional stand-in-the-checkout-line format that most hotels use I was ushered to the lounge, and brought a complimentary glass of wine while the processed my reservation. Nice touch.
It took them about five minutes for them to realize I had no reservation, and another five minutes for me to figure out that I was in the wrong hotel. The staff at the front desk could not apologize enough – like it was somehow their fault. They arranged for transportation for me to the Movenpick. Too bad, in retrospect, because the serviceat the Mena Housewas impeccable.
Fast forward to the Movenpick, another high-end hotel. They, as well, had troubles finding my reservation. Eventually they did, though it was a painful experience. The concierge was very pleasant as he drove me to my room (big hotel), and made a point to tell me about how everything in the room worked. So far, so good.
I admit to being a little disconcerted when I noticed the can of Raid Insect Spray prominently displayed on the chest of drawers. Then the internet wouldn’t work, and the front desk was really not very helpful until I pressed them. That, of course, was when I could actually speak with them, since none of the phones were in complete working order. What started off on a good note was quickly slipping downhill.
The next morning I dropped my laundry off at the concierge desk and went out to meet my driver. By the end of the day, I was exhausted, and looking forward to a little nap before heading off for dinner. No such luck. The room wasn’t made up. I went to the most functional of the phones, and called the front desk.
No apologies – I was just told that “The housekeeper would be here in 15 minutes.” When the woman at the front desk called to see if housekeeping had arrived (he hadn’t), she simply said, “he’s on his way.”
I have never stayed in a Movenpick before, so can’t generalize. But based on my first day (I still have 5 to go), I won’t be in a hurry to go back.I certainlybe heading for Mena House the next time I’m back in the area!

Customer Service at Mena House and Movenpick Cairo
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