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The Outstanding Customer Service Blog is a collection of tips, tools, trends and insights on customer service and customer experience.

Customer service is a critical component to organizational success. It accounts for 83% of positive word-of-mouth and social media conversations involving your company — and it’s not just a department. It’s everywhere. That’s why this blog isn’t just written for customer service trainers, managers or professionals. It’s written for everyone who works in a customer-focused environment. Enjoy!

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Customer service training best practices

5 Reasons Your Customer Service Training is Failing – Part 4


If you use a traditional training approach with customer service, it will fail. It will fail to engage participants, it will fail to stimulate adoption of new skills and, most importantly, it will fail to make the kind of sustained difference you’re looking for.

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Have You Read The Journey to WOW  Yet?

The Journey to WOW

Shaun Belding’s blockbuster new book, The Journey to WOW continues to get rave reviews. The Amazon bestseller is being called “the must-read for anyone in business and management”

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