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customer service in kuala lumpur
Customer Experience

Business Practices and Customer Service in Malaysia, Part 1


Although this emerging nation is becoming best known internationally for its powerful oil & gas and financial industries, the true heart of Malaysia is its people. I find it interesting, with a twist of irony, that this country is so focused on modernizing – on establishing itself as a true ‘first-world’ nation. The truth is, most first-world nations would do well to try and learn from the Malaysians.

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customer service in florence
Customer Experience

Customer Service In Florence Italy


When all is said and done, Italy is about people. It is about family and friends. When they meet someone for the first time, it is simply a friend they haven’t gotten to know yet.

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customer service in cinque terre, italy
Customer Experience

All Customer Service Paths Lead To Italy


When it comes to work in general, Italians are very serious. They take great pride in what they do, and make great effort to do it well. When it comes to people, however, the serious demeanour disappears in favour of laughter and togetherness.

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Customer service in Lanzarote Canary Islands
Customer Experience

Customer Service In Spain – Ola!


If you ask someone a question in Spain, even to someone who might not speak your language, you won’t get brushed off. They will do their best to try and answer, and not give up until you’re happy.

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comcast tries to improve customer service
Customer Experience

Can Comcast Turn The Customer Service Tide?


It’s hard enough for any organization to make significant changes to their culture. Harder still for a giant like Comcast with 80,000+ employees. And then, when you compound that with their track record of creating angry customers (there’s even a “Comcast Sucks” Facebook page), we’re getting into the territory of miracles.

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