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Top 10 Best Customer Service Stories of 2019
Customer Service

10 Best Customer Service Stories of 2019


If you are looking to improve your customer service for 2020, you needn’t look any further than these 10 fantastic customer service stories from 2019 for inspiration. This year’s picks are a great illustration of the absolute core of customer service – genuinely caring about the people you serve.

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5 principles for leading teams
Customer Service

5 Principles for Leading Teams


The analogy between leading a successful team and growing a successful crop puts a lot of things into perspective. Here are the five principles of leadership from the Journey to WOW that every leader should embrace:

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customer service tone of voice
Customer Service

Master your tone of voice


Intuitively, most of us know how important tone-of-voice is in customer service. It’s one of the 6 pillars of customer service, and is a critical skill for anyone who does business over the telephone.

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Listening is more valuable than talking
Customer Service

Are You a Talker Or a Listener?


The next time you’re out with a group of people, having lunch or at some other social event, try this little experiment. It has two parts.
1. Don’t talk.
2. Ask a question

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