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comcast tries to improve customer service
Customer Experience

Can Comcast Turn The Customer Service Tide?


It’s hard enough for any organization to make significant changes to their culture. Harder still for a giant like Comcast with 80,000+ employees. And then, when you compound that with their track record of creating angry customers (there’s even a “Comcast Sucks” Facebook page), we’re getting into the territory of miracles.

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Customer Experience

How To Get Great Customer Service (Almost) Every Time


What should you do if you’re a customer? Should you just cross your fingers and hope for the best? Sure, you make a point to do business with companies you know will treat you well, but what about all of the other places you spend your money?

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A Customer Service Shoutout To Vacations-To-Go


The agent I spoke with, Brione, was articulate and an outstanding listener. Her telephone skills – all the little things that we teach in our training programs – were flawless and executed naturally. (Right down to the “Wow, that’s a really good question” whenever I’d ask a stupid question.)

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