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Customer Service in Edmonton – kudos to Rocky Mountain Soap


Rocky Montain Soap Customer ServiceIt’s been a few years since I’ve been to Edmonton, and I was looking forward to the visit.
It didn’t start well.The employee at theBudget Car Rental booth (yes, them again) where I went to pick up my car was a sullen, unhappy looking young woman who just seemed annoyed that she had to work. She asked me questions like a police interrogation, and rhymed off a litany of Very Important Rules that I shouldn’t break, etc.


But things got better. I had a day off, so went to the iconic West Edmonton Mall. I walked into a couple of dozen stores, andd was struck by two things. The first was that every store seemed to have a help wanted sign in it. The Alberta oil business has created real employment challenges for Edmonton businesses.

The second thing was the seemingly pervasive ‘I just don’t care’ attitude. No-one was unpleasant – like the girl at Budget – but there was no feeling that anyone was really enjoying themselves.

With one exception – The Rocky Mountain Soap Company. This is a company based out of western Canada, and is actually a client of our Mystery Shopping division, RetailTrack Mystery Shopping. While I have seen their products (absolutely outstanding, by the way!), I’ve never had the privilege of visiting one of their stores. All I can say is WOW!

The store was busy, and yet all three employees working managed to greet me with an enthusiastic, cheerful smile. One struck up a conversation with me and offered to give me a fee sample of soap. I watched them with their customers – and it was truly fun to see how engaged everyone was. This is a company that truly stands out.

Customer Service in Edmonton – kudos to Rocky Mountain Soap
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