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Customer Service In Florida: Shout out to Lee at National Car Rental


When it comes to customer service, I really do thing Florida may be one of the top places in the world. I’m not suggesting, of course, that it’s always good everywhere you go, but comparatively speaking you are more likely to have a good experience here than anywhere else.
I arrived in Tampa on Wednesday, and made my way to the National Car Rental counter. Having just had a series of really bad experiences with car rental companies, I wasn’t expecting much. It didn’t start well. The man at the counter, although very friendly to me, was not happy with his company. He was searching for a GPS unit for me, and made a phone call to someone in National. They had clearly irritated him, and when he hung up he didn’t hide it. It made the interaction a little uncomfortable to say the least.
When I went out to collect my car, however, I met a man named Lee who absolutely made my day. He greeted me with a huge smile and a cheerful voice. He may be the friendliest person I know. I mentioned to him that my son was named Lee, and he laughed, pointed at himself and said, “Maybe there’s a family resemblance!” The joke, of course, was about the contrast between his black skin and my lightly-tanned-pasty-white skin. (What he didn’t know was that I have a blended family – so there kind of was a family resemblance…).
Sometimes we forget how much of a difference one person can make. I hope this post somehow gets back to Lee, because he sure made a difference to me. When I start my own car rental company, Lee’s the first guy I’m going to hire.
Down to St. Petersburgh Beach, where I was conducting a keynote address for the amazing Lifestyle Family Fitness company. In the hotel, at the gas station, andthe array of shops and restaurants I visited, there were friendly people everywhere.
Way to go Florida!
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Customer Service In Florida: Shout out to Lee at National Car Rental
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