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Great Experience at RBC Bank


The Big banks don’t get a lot of praise these days, but I had an experience today that was really exceptional. (I really wish I could recall the individual’s name that I dealt with, because she deserves to be recognized)
I had gone into the RBC Kanata branch to send a wire transfer to one of our US trainers. The transfer fees, including a random $18 surcharge from a US clearing company, was going to be somewhere in the vicinity of $60. The CSR had gone partway through the process, then excused herself to speak with a colleague. She returned with an idea.
“Mr. Belding, if it’s not urgent, would you consider us doing a US bank draft instead? It would be a fraction of the cost.”
It turned out to be a savings of over $40. All because someone at the branch thought to look after our interests, instead of simply processing the order. Bravo RBC! THAT’s great customer service!
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Great Experience at RBC Bank
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