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How Customer Service Made the Delta Markham Hotel More Money


I’m currently working on a project in the North end of Toronto. I was going to need a hotel Monday to Friday for 5 weeks. I thought to myself, “Hey how cool would it be to stay in 5 different hotels and compare them, and write about them in this blog.” So that became the plan.
Never happened.
My first hotel was the Delta Markham hotel. Decent room, nice front desk staff, really nice housekeeper. But my experiences in their restaurant, the ‘Tivoli Garden’ were as exceptional as they were surprising.
As a rule, I am not fond of hotel restaurants. All too often, the food is mediocre and the staff are uninterested. Not here. The service I received – consistently, meal after meal, server after server – was brilliant. They obviously have a format, and all of the servers follow it to the letter – and it works.
I thought to myself, “I really like it here. Why change hotels?” So I booked for the next week, and then the next. I’m heading back for my fourth week in a day, and can’t imagine not being there for week 5 as well. So I did the math:
My original plan was 5 nights at $120. So, that’s $600
Their amazing service, however, have now made it 28 nights at $120. That’s $3,360
So customer service alone created $2,760 more in sales. Nice.


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How Customer Service Made the Delta Markham Hotel More Money
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