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LinkedIn Customer Service Champions Group Update


Hi Everyone!

As you may know, the Customer Service Champions group is the second largest LinkedIn Group focused on customer service. LinkedIn’s new group format has, for the moment, made it difficult to find some of the wonderful discussions and content in the group, so we are doing regular updates on our blog.

If customer service is part of your world, make sure to check it out frequently! There is a lot of great stuff in there.  You can find the Customer Service Champions group here

Here are some of the notable posts for the last couple of weeks:

Insights from the Customer Service Champions Group

Jochen Wirtz
Brave New World: Service Robots in the Frontline

Ed Gagnon
Build Your Customer’s Confidence by Building Yourself Up – Customer Service Tip of the Week

Neil Davey
Neil has two great posts:
– Why sales culture must go beyond the sales team for today’s brands
– Can monetary incentives improve service levels? What is your experience? (This is a great question)

Amy Clark
The time has come for telecom companies to digitally transform now more than ever.

Steve DiGioia
His 9 step plan to win back dissatisfied customers.

Olga Vasylenko
How customer complaints can help to improve your customer service and products quality.

Max Lee
A great video on the importance of consistency in the customer experience.

Kelechi Okeke
To delight customers, you do not necessarily have to do any expensive or extraordinary.

Hagai Shaham
“I’m unique, treat me that way” – the complete guide to Millennial generation customer service.

Shaun Belding
The $62 Billion Reason to Improve Your Customer Experience

Marina Shulzhenko
Should customer retention be a core focus and a top priority for your business?

James Clifton
What are you implementing to encourage the growth of customer relationships?

Thanks to everyone for the fantastic contributions.  Stay tuned for the next installment!

Shaun Belding

CEO, The Belding Group of Companies. Author of The Journey to WOW: the path to outstanding customer experience and loyalty

LinkedIn Customer Service Champions Group Update
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