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Live Chat for Customer Service – do it right, or don’t do it at all.


unhappy live chat customerOnline Chat is a growing segment in the customer service world. But like any other customer service channel, if it’s not done well, it probably shouldn’t be used at all. Here’s an example of 25 minutes of my life I will never get back – courtesy of Lowes live chat:


Chat session started at 9:13:18 AM
Please be patient while you are being connected with an operator …
You are now chatting with RobinD

RobinD: How may I assist you today
shaun: Hi Robin. Can you tell me what the pricing is for Tigerwood flooring – TW321 (Item 349-059)?
shaun: Hello? (it was now9:19)
shaun: Hello? (9:21)
RobinD: Checking, one moment please
RobinD: By Pergo max or Allen roth
shaun: I’m not sure. These are the product codes I got from Lowes a couple of months ago
RobinD: Are you there?
shaun: Still here

RobinD: I am. THis is what I have
shaun: Just taking a look now
shaun: So, you can’t look up flooring by your product codes?
RobinD: There is no match on that link
shaun: I’m not sure what that means
RobinD: The site I sent you is all the Tigerwood Hardwood we have online. I can not locate this item by the number you provided. This may be an instore item as not all items will be online that are in the store
shaun: OMG I just spent 25 minutes on a chat and finding this out now?

Seriously. Great example of a company embracing new channels for customer service, but not training their employees on how to use it well.

Live Chat for Customer Service – do it right, or don’t do it at all.
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