You don’t need to do over-the-top things to deliver Outstanding customer service. Sending the message that you care about your customers is often as simple as a having a little compassion. Here’s a fantastic illustration of this from a McDonalds in Langley, B.C. Canada. See the story here

Tammy Stauffer-Jacobsen and her husband stopped into a local McDonalds. They were on their way back from the funeral of a loved one and were, understandably, emotionally drained. The young employee at the counter, Scott Farynuk, saw that the couple was distressed. In a sympathetic gesture, he covered the cost of the coffees himself. Ms. Stauffer-Jacobsen began to cry at the act of kindness, and he responded by giving her a big hug.

Needless to say, Ms. Stauffer-Jacobsen was deeply touched.

When the community learned of his actions, they began coming into the restaurant and calling McDonalds’ head office to commend his actions. Mr. Farynuk was a little puzzed at all the attention, saying “Who wouldn’t do that in a situation where someone is emotionally suffering and they just need someone to be there and tell them it’s OK?”

Wow. I’m pretty sure that sums up an outstanding customer service attitude right there!

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