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MSC Preziosa – Moving The Bar on Customer Service


This is the fifth installment in an examination of customer service in nine countries – and customer service aboard the MSC Preziosa. (for the previous installment, see this link)

Over the last six days aboard the cruise ship, MSC Preziosa, we’ve seen an impressive and steady improvement in customer service. We’re not entirely sure what has transpired internally to create the change, but it is a very different experience now than it was just a few days ago.

Friendly, helpful staff – that seemed non-existent before – are now in abundance. They seem more relaxed. More focused on the passengers. While we’re still encountering some who appear far more task-oriented than customer-oriented, it’s not happening nearly as frequently.

We’re experiencing some truly outstanding moments now. Nothing earth shattering or “Wow,” but those things aren’t necessary for an outstanding experience. What we’re experiencing now is the sense that the staff care about the passengers, and that’s what outstanding customer service is all about.

Stay tuned!

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