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Now it’s Delta Airlines that breaks guitars


When one ofa company’sbiggest competitors suffers a gigantic negative viral PR disaster, you’d think they’d pay attention and try to learn from it. In 2009, United Airlines had an epic customer service fail resulting in musician Dave Carroll recording his now iconic “United Breaks Guitars” song. It went viral, with over 12 million views.
Air Canada did, and when they broke a young girl’s wheelchair, they sprung into action to avert a similar social media disaster. The people at Delta Airlines, on the other hand, apparently haven’t been paying attention. On December 29, 2012, Delta crushed Dave Schneider’s classic 1965 Gibson guitar, worth over $10,000. He began the same painful journey as Mr. Carroll, with phone call after phone call being ignored. This was after Delta offered just $1,000 in compensation.
Gibson to the rescue
Fortunately, the classy guitar-maker, Gibson, came through. Not only did they offer torepair the guitar, they sent him a free replacement.
It shouldn’t have had to happen this way. If the people at Delta had even a remote clue as to what customer service and customer loyaltywas all about, they could have turned this incident into a giant win. Instead, they chose to tempt history to repeat itself.
Does nobody at Delta have a Twitter account?
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Now it’s Delta Airlines that breaks guitars
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