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Porter Airlines Customer Service Fail


Imagine this happening to you:
You and your spouse areflying from Boston to Ottawa to attend a New Year’s Eve gala. In the short jaunt between Toronto and Ottawa, your luggage disappears. Despite repeated calls, you’re told that it’s not likely to show up until the next day. Your fancy suit and dress that you were planning on wearing would be spending New Years Eve without you. So off the two of you go to the only store open -Wal-Mart -to get replacement clothes for the Gala.
The next day, as you’re preparing to fly home, you find out that your luggage had made it to Ottawa after all, and was sitting in the luggage room. The staff, who likely just wanted New Years Eve off, had conveniently just not seen it.
This is how Porter Airlines helped a couple ring in 2012.
Now, Porter has hung it’s hat on having exceptional customer service. It’s how they are trying to seperate themselves from rivals Air Canada and WestJet. Their slogan is “Flying Refined.” So I was expecting to hear of some outstanding service recovery efforts. Didn’t happen. The standard travel voucher was offered and nothing more. Not a great acknowledgement of their part in ruining a very special occasion.
The result? The customer cancelled his frequent flyer number, forfeiting the points, and vowed not to fly Porter again. It’s a great example of poor service recovery – and of a company not walking its talk. I wonder if anyone at Porter will ever do the math as to how much their poor customer service just cost the company.

Porter Airlines Customer Service Fail
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