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Rackspace lives up to the customer service hype


rackspace_logo_2.jpgOur company has slowly been migrating its websites and emails to Rackspace.  Rackspace has hung their hat on the slogan ‘fanatical support.’

Anyone who has followed the research over the last five years in branding and consumer behaviour knows that customer service/customer experience is the dominant driver for customer loyalty.  Organizations that have truly embraced it well are finding tremendous success.  In the world of IT, it’s a tough nut to crack.  You’re dealing with tens of thousands of customers – each with varying degrees of expertise in the subject; using diffferent operating systems and configurations, and  each with a different issue.  Hard to live up to ‘fanatical support.’

Somehow, however, Rackspace does it – in spades.

We have had to contact them a number of times with a number of different issues.  Not only have they proven to be tremendously knowledgeable, but the positive attitude of the agents on the telephone has absolutely blown us away.  I live my life in the world of customer service, and I can comfortably say I have never experienced anything like it.  They are that good.

It’s a lot of the little things they are doing right.  Here’s an example:  When I called yesterday, I didn’t actually have my user id and password handy.  “No problem,” the agent said cheerfully.  “As long as the questions aren’t account specific, let’s see what I can do.”  Then she added, “If it looks like we have to get into anything that is account specific – that’s where I will need to confirm those security details.”

Since I was really just trying to figure out how to make my email play more nicely with computer, it was pretty generic stuff, so she quickly identified the problem, and a number of alternative solutions.  She was profoundly patient with me, listened remarkably well, and made me feel like the most important customer they have ever had. 

Wow.  Every company should start using Rackspace – if for no other reason than to learn what truly World-Class Customer Service is.

Rackspace lives up to the customer service hype
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