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Scolding Customers is Never a Good Customer Service Strategy


scolding customers is a bad customer service strategyQuick story:  Due to an unforeseen turn of events, we found ourselves having to find new office space fast.  We had a month to research, investigate, sign leases, arrange for movers, then internet and telephone service in our new location.  Yikes!

Last week, we finally had a deal done for our new premises, and were able to begin arranging the internet and telephone switch.  As it turned out, our current phone provider had become too large and unresponsive, and showed no interest at all in trying to help us out by speeding things up for us. Thanks for the loyalty and support guys – Bye-bye.

We Had A Choice

We contacted two other providers.  One was cheerful, helpful and promised to do everything in their power to make the transition as easy as possible.  The other, a company took quite a different approach. In truth, they probably offered a better overall solution, but the salesperson seemed far more intent on making sure I understood her policies and rules than she was in solving our dilemma.  In the end, we had to make the decision pretty quick, and I went with my gut – not them.

The next morning I spoke with the salesperson and told her of our decision. She then proceeded to go on a rant about how ‘disappointed’ she was in us. She had broken her own policy, she told me, of not sending quotes over the fax, and we ‘didn’t even give them the chance.’ For four minutes she scolded me for being a poor customer, an unethical businessperson, etc. Wow.

There Is Never A Payoff To Scolding Customers

We all run into situations where our clients and potential clients will choose a competitive company.  They always have their reasons – and whether or not we agree with them, we need to respect them.  There is never, ever a payoff in scolding customers, or trying to make them feel bad.
In our case, we can’t say for sure how long we will stay with the new provider.  Maybe a month, maybe ten years.  One thing for sure, though, when we do switch, we know what company we won’t be looking at. The salesperson’s rant might have made her feel good for a few minutes, but how much did it cost her company?

Scolding Customers is Never a Good Customer Service Strategy
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