How to deal with a hysterical customer

So, You Have a Hysterical Customer...

Every now and then we can find ourselves with customers who seem completely beyond reason. They are loud, and their hysterical rants take off in a myriad of directions – bordering on being incoherent. Sometimes it can be difficult to even determine the issue that is really upsetting them. What’s worse is that anything you try to say just seems to make matters worse.

Hysterical customers are usually people who have hit the end of their ropes, and you have been unfortunate enough to be at the tail end of the series of events that got them there. You may not have been the cause of all their problems, but they are nevertheless looking to you for the solutions.

Believe it or not, hysterical customers are a wonderful opportunity for you. They are frustrated beyond belief, and feel that there is no one on ‘their side.’ They are desperately seeking understanding and empathy, and will respond very positively to someone who provides it. These are customers who, when you finally win them over, will become your greatest ambassadors.

Dealing with them is simple. Be patient. Listen intently. Acknowledge your understanding, and express empathy with phrases such as, “I sure can understand why you are frustrated.” With every word you speak and action you take, send the messages, “I care,” and “You are important to me.”

Try it. Even if you can’t solve their problems, you’ll be astounded at how positively they will respond.

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