a feel-good story
Ottawa Sun, Feb 2018

Feel-Good stories don’t make the news very much. The rationale, supposedly, is that people don’t read  feel-good stories. This causes publishers to not publish them, and, of course, journalists to not write them.

It really is a pity, because one single little feel-good story can sometimes restore your faith in all of humanity.  Take, for instance, the news report out of Mississauga, Ontario (Canada) today.  The story and headline was about an explosion in a strip mall that, fortunately, did not hurt anyone.  But buried in that story was a wonderful story of human kindness.

“Eight-year-old Viviana Cortez and her family were peparing for her birthday party when they were evacuated from their home. Emergency crews decorated the inside of an ambulance with balloons and provided birthday cupcakes.

The gesture was amazing said mom Debbie Cortez.”  (Ottawa Sun, 11 February, 2018)

Seriously. How awesome is that??

I think, if we had a little bit more of these stories in our lives, it just might change how we look at the world… and ourselves.

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