elon musk wow customer service tweetAccording to the science, the primary driver of WOW Customer service is ‘someone taking ownership’ over a customer’s experience.  I’m not sure there is anyone who understands this better than Elon Musk, the iconic, innovative founder of Tesla.

This time it was a tweet.  A simple 82 characters.    On August 18, a customer tweeted out a request for a product improvement.   A scant 24 minutes later, Mr. Musk tweeted back with an acknowledgement and a promise to make the improvement.  Here’s the story.


Most CEOs don’t even venture onto platforms like Twitter, much less respond to customer comments.  But Mr. Musk understands how important it is to stay connected with customers and, get this, actually listen to them.  That is how he has been able to create a loyal following most senior leaders can’t even imagine.

Customers don’t always get their way with Mr. Musk.  He’s not afraid to deliver a little tough love  when it is warranted.  But there are few people who know what it takes to deliver a great experience.

This is a great illustration that WOW customer service doesn’t have to be complex or fancy or expensive to deliver.  Sometimes it just takes  82 characters.

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