36 Customer Experience Lessons

36 Customer Experience Lessons

From The Journey to WOW

The Amazon bestselling Journey to WOW brings these 36 essential customer experience lessons to life:

27 Customer Experience Lessons from Madeleine
  1. Numbers don’t always tell the right story
  2. Data is useless when disconnected from the human experience
  3. Don’t bother measuring things if you aren’t prepared to make changes
  4. CX needs to be actively championed at the top
  5. You can’t understand your customer experience without experiencing like your customer
  6. CX is created by policies, processes, practices, people, product and presence.
  7. You can’t get the right answers until you ask the right questions
  8. You can’t get the right answers until you ask the right people
  9. Don’t ask questions that are important to your business, ask questions that are important to your customers
  10. You need to lose the arrogance you don’t know you have
  11. The only perspectives about your business that matters are those of your customers
  12. You can’t change people’s opinions if you don’t understand them
  13. Audit your cx the same way you would audit your financials.
  14. Your internal customer experience is as important as your external customer experience
  15. Care more about your customers than you do their wallets.
  16. If your customer service isn’t consistent, it can’t be outstanding
  17. Create standards of excellence in customer experience
  18. Link customer service training directly to actual performance expectations
  19. A shift from profit-focus to customer-focus increases your profits
  20. Your people need the right skills – and the right mindsets – to create a customer-focused culture
  21. It’s amazing how different a company looks when everything is focused on the customer
  22. You can’t say ‘I’ll be loyal to you only if you are loyal to me.’ That’s not loyalty — that’s a contract
  23. Wow experiences are created when you take ownership
  24. Wow happens when you focus on individuals and create unexpected positive outcomes
  25. Loyalty is created by doing the right thing for the right reasons
  26. Being loyal to customers is like any other investment. There’s a risk, but the payoff can be huge
  27. Think of customers one individual at a time, and how you can make a difference in their lives
4 Customer Experience Lessons from Avi
  1. There is no end to the journey of creating a culture of outstanding customer experience

  2. Customer experience is a moving target, with customers’ expectations changing and increasing every day

  3. It is the very moment at which one believes they have mastered customer experience that they begin the slide to mediocrity

  4. There can be no compromise in how we treat each other and our customers

5 Leadership Lessons from Avi's Garden
  1. Plant The Right Seed

  2. Help Things Grow

  3. Always Track Progress

  4. Don’t Allow Weeds

  5. Provide Sunshine