Reviews for The Journey to WOW!

Customer experience is a journey – and what better way to explore a journey than with a story.  The Journey to WOW is a unique and powerful business parable that delivers deep and unique insights into creating fierce customer loyalty, and transforming an organization’s culture into one obsessed with customer experience.

Here’s what readers have written on Amazon and Goodreads:

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An entertaining & very insightful read

“I found The Journey to WOW an entertaining & very insightful read. Such colorful characters to tell an important story, as well as expand on the complexities of going from customer service to customer advocate. Highly recommend to young professionals.”

I was very impressed - a gem!

“I was very impressed! LOVED the stress put on customer satisfaction being a driving force to success. It’s one of the biggest, if not THE biggest elements to securing a successful business, especially looking to acquire returning custom. The Journey to Wow takes you on an in-depth discovery which goes far beyond the world of consumerism. I could see this book being applicable to a vast amount of different industries, a gem to aide from the startup entrepreneur to the already established mogul, much to learn from either end of the spectrum and in between!”

Great book!

“This book was really such a positive book. It showed how care for others translates into great customer service. It really did have the wow factor. Great book!”

Shaun has hit the jackpot

“Shaun Belding has hit the jackpot with this story. I loved how he took you through the dilemma of a business that is failing it’s customers, identifying all the challenges most companies face in CX, and then revealing some very practical ideas for creating a customer-driven culture. Though it is a story, I could identify so many stories, and the characters were completely real. It’s an easy read, but don’t let that fool you into thinking that the path to success is simple. He has broken it down into very doable steps.”

I cannot recommend this book enough

“This is a very good story written in the form of a business novel. A la “The Goal” or the “One Minute Manager” and hundreds of others. A very well written and most entertaining adventure for sure!

It took me three days to find enough time to read it all, word for word, but I am glad that I made the time to do so. Now, when the topic comes up I can simply point the curious to this book.

One quote that sums up the adventure: “But WOW Customer Service is different.”

I cannot recommend this book enough. If you are a leader [or would be leader] in the business of business, it is for you. Honest.”

Fantastic book!

Fantastic book. Reads like a story rather than step-by-step book, but a very valuable and inspiring lesson. I even messaged the author and he responded immediately

I absolutely loved this book

I absolutely loved this book. It reads like a novel and you will have a hard time putting it down. You will definitely find things in this book that will help you in your work life as well as your personal life. Great job Shaun!”

Definitely my number 1 pick on driving excellent customer satisfaction

“First and foremost, I have read a lot of customer service/satisfaction/experience books and they have all been the same in a lot of ways. With that notion in mind, I didn’t expect to be actually WOW’d by this particular book.

To say the least, this book definitely exceeded my expectations and I am ecstatic I gave it a chance.

The entire book is in story form and the lessons embedded in it are timeless. I thoroughly loved the character development of the protagonist throughout his journey of discovering how to create outstanding customer experience in his company. The last 3 chapters of this book left me wanting for more but I truly understand why Shaun chose to end it in the way he did. It goes to demonstrate how even when you’ve ‘figured’ out how to drive customer satisfaction, it’s not a fixed target. You have to keep adapting to customers’ expectations so you know how to exceed them in every season.

It is definitely my number 1 pick on driving excellent customer satisfaction, and I truly understand it’s importance as I work with a company that embodies it.

A must-read for anyone in business and management

The book is written very well. There are not too many other books I remember where I went from one chapter to other so fast with interest.  It is not just a customer service/ sales related book. The ideas covered apply to leadership and any stream of management-strategy, operations and HR, through a well explained case. It covers how to’s of all the things required for a successful turnaround-cause, alternate solutions, selecting the best alternate and implementation-by showing how it is practically done and not through platitudes.
A must read for anyone in business and management.”

A true banner for storytelling in the sales & CS world

“Not only is The Journey to WOW a true banner for storytelling in the sales & CS world (“don’t talk the walk; walk it!”), it provokes reflection on the part of anyone dealing with people in a business context. VERY useful!