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Shaun Belding is a bestselling author and speaker on customer service, leadership and successful workplaces

If You’re Not Outstanding, You’re Not Standing Out

Shaun Belding - Top Speaker on Customer Service, Leadership & Workplace Culture

Outstanding workplace cultures don’t happen by accident. They are created by passionate, effective leaders. They’re driven by highly-skilled customer-centric individuals working independently and interdependently toward a common purpose. The result is customer loyalty, viral word-of mouth and highly engaged teams.

Shaun Belding works with companies looking to create and sustain engaging, positive workplace cultures. Organizations that want unshakeable customer loyalty and fierce employee pride. His focus is on delivering outstanding customer service, world-class customer experiences, and creating confident and dynamic leaders.

Shaun is a best-selling author, leadership and customer service keynote speaker. As CEO of The Belding Group of Companies, he has helped hundreds of organizations around the world enhance and transform their cultures with outstanding customer experience energized leaders.

"I’ve seen many keynote speakers over my 33 years in business and I have to say that Shaun is the best. He took great care in tailoring his message, and the result was excellent!"

Shaun will inspire your group. His presentations shine a light on the mindsets, strategies and skills that help people stand  out in today’s hyper-competitive world.

Shaun supports every customer service skill, every leadership tool and every winning mindset with research and unforgettable anecdotes. He makes audiences laugh. He makes them think. He gives them ideas, inspiration and motivation that stays with them for a very long time.

"WOW Shaun, what an incredible talk. Greatly appreciated and very impactful."

“I cannot recommend this book enough”

Shaun Belding’s blockbuster new book, The Journey to WOW continues to get rave reviews. The Amazon bestseller is being called “the must-read book for everyone in business and management”

Some of Shaun's Keynote Presentations:

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The Journey to WOW
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One Person Makes a Difference
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