"An Absolute Winner"

What readers are saying

  • ”captivating, insightful, a page-turner and absolutely refreshing”

  • “The Journey to WOW is by far the best book on customer experience”

  • “An absolute winner”

  • ”A must read for anyone in business and management”

  • ”I loved everything about it!”

NEW! Second Edition

Don’t miss the new, updated 2nd edition of the iconic The Journey to WOW!

The Journey to WOW is a unique and insightful guide that takes you beyond customer experience theory, and into the hearts and minds of your customers. It explores the visceral realities of creating fierce customer loyalty, and takes you on compelling journey to transforming a culture into one obsessed with customer experience. It challenges you to unthink the things you think you know, and start to look at your business from the only perspective that matters – your customers’.

The Journey to WOW is written as a story — because, after all, that’s what your customers’ experiences are. But don’t be fooled. Beneath the lighthearted, sometimes laugh-out-loud writing style, are lessons that will stick with you forever.

There are 37 Lessons in the Journey To Wow

#1 Numbers don’t always tell the real story

Chapters 4, 12, 36


#2 Data is useless when disconnected from the human experience

Chapter 15


#3 Don’t bother measuring things if you aren’t prepared to change

Chapter 15


#4 Customer experience needs to be actively championed at the top.

Chapter 6, 8, 25

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