"A Top Ten Business Book"

“Complacency is the enemy. Be as vigilant with your customers as you would your dearest friend.”

The Journey to WOW delivers deep and unique insights into creating fierce customer loyalty, and transforming an organization’s culture into one obsessed with customer experience. It will resonate with anyone looking to improve their company’s customer experience, and anyone who deals with customers — from the newbie part-time employee to the corporate CEO.

Most importantly, The Journey to WOW shows exactly how to start seeing the flaws in your company and what you can do to fix them. Its lighthearted business novel format will draw you in, then deliver more than a few surprising “ah-ha” moments. It will forever change the way you look at your business.

What people are saying:

”captivating, insightful, a page-turner and absolutely refreshing”

“The Journey to WOW is by far the best book on customer experience”

“An absolute winner”

”A must read for anyone in business and management”

”I loved everything about it!”

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