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Zulily creates a wow customer experience
Customer Service

Zulily Delivers WOW Customer Service


Most consumers don’t realize how unique – and how brave – that kind of corporate behaviour is. Imagine proposing this policy to the executives of most retailers. There’s a good chance you’d be laughed out of the boardroom. Most are so terrified of the worse-possible-scenario of having opportunistic customers coming out in droves that they wouldn’t even consider the benefits.

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Customer Loyalty

The Science of WOW! Customer Service Research is Out


The Science of WOW is ground-breaking new customer service research that speaks to the importance of empowerment, ownership, service recovery and customer service training. Companies will find this a useful resources as they work toward improving their overall customer experiences.

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Customer Experience

How To Get Great Customer Service (Almost) Every Time


What should you do if you’re a customer? Should you just cross your fingers and hope for the best? Sure, you make a point to do business with companies you know will treat you well, but what about all of the other places you spend your money?

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