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Zulily creates a wow customer experience
Customer Service

Zulily Delivers WOW Customer Service


Most consumers don’t realize how unique – and how brave – that kind of corporate behaviour is. Imagine proposing this policy to the executives of most retailers. There’s a good chance you’d be laughed out of the boardroom. Most are so terrified of the worse-possible-scenario of having opportunistic customers coming out in droves that they wouldn’t even consider the benefits.

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Customer Loyalty

The Science of WOW! Customer Service Research is Out


The Science of WOW is ground-breaking new customer service research that speaks to the importance of empowerment, ownership, service recovery and customer service training. Companies will find this a useful resources as they work toward improving their overall customer experiences.

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By The Numbers: A Sears Customer Service Failure


Given that the company continues to display no understanding of what it takes to create positive customer experience, there is no way on earth they will be able to compete against the powerful online competition that excels in this area. And it’s pretty clear that he doesn’t understand that customer experience is the single most important driver in today’s retail economy.

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Customer Experience

How To Get Great Customer Service (Almost) Every Time


What should you do if you’re a customer? Should you just cross your fingers and hope for the best? Sure, you make a point to do business with companies you know will treat you well, but what about all of the other places you spend your money?

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