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social media for customer service
Social media customer service

Social Media for Customer Service. Are We Doing it Right?


I recall having a discussion with a senior VP of Customer Experience in Asia. He said, “You can’t realistically expect senior executives to respond to every public complaint. They would spend all day doing this!” My response was, “Possibly. But if that happened, I’ll bet they’d be pretty quick to deal with the root cause of the problems so they could get their time back.”

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Is customer service coming to Google, Facebook and Twitter?
Customer Service

Is Customer Service Coming To Google, Facebook and Twitter?


The social giants like Google, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc. are now making concerted efforts to expand into each other’s turf. Like most tech-based companies, they have relied almost exclusively on innovation to move their businesses forward, but as they begin to compete more directly, that paradigm will inevitably have to change. It’s a safe bet that the first one who takes the step to becoming actively customer-focused is going to have a significant edge.

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