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A Customer Service Shoutout To Vacations-To-Go


The agent I spoke with, Brione, was articulate and an outstanding listener. Her telephone skills – all the little things that we teach in our training programs – were flawless and executed naturally. (Right down to the “Wow, that’s a really good question” whenever I’d ask a stupid question.)

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Customer Experience

Should Processes Trump Customer Loyalty?


Really? Did you just do that? Did you just take a potential opportunity to strenghten a bond with a customer who stays in the area about 25 nights a year, and transfer him to a call centre?

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Customer service in The Philippines


My hotel, the Makati City Hotel, was a 5 Star hotel, with service levels that would be off the charts in Canada. Despite its size, it seemed that everyone knew my name. At one point during dinner, I began to get the feeling that I understood what a rock star must feel like…

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A ray of customer service sunshine in Papua New Guinea


But if Lamana is an exception, they have an exception within the exception. His name is Miria, and he works as a concierge there. You can see it in his eyes and his body language. He’s not just greeting customers because it’s part of a training program – this is coming naturally for him

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